Dandelion Healthcare is a new (established 2019) healthcare organisation with a big vision. We operate our “Dandelion Providers” in the form of our Well-Being Centres, and we signpost to “Approved Providers” and “Partner Providers” which are external practices for whom we can ensure the quality of their care. You can read more about our Approved, Partner and Dandelion Providers here =>

Our Mission and Values

Our mission is to help you get the help you need, whether it is for yourself or someone you care about. If we cant help you internally, we will point you in the direction of someone who can. Read more about our Mission and Values here =>

What Makes Us Different?

British Owned

We are a British owned company, which means unlike other big healthcare providers in the UK, the profits of the business remain within the British economy.

We also aim to re-invest up to 75% of our operating profits back into the business, with the remainder going as bonuses to our key staff and dividend to the shareholders.

Our Staff

We look after our staff and they are all employed by Dandelion Healthcare rather than being self-employed. The reason we feel this is important is that there are is a lot more protection for our staff on a personal level with regard to sickness, maternity and other life events when employed.

Anyone looking to work with Dandelion Healthcare in a more independent capacity, will work with us as a Partner Provider.